The Strategy Behind Creative Leadership with Adam Morgan | Digital & Dirt Podcast

In episode 3 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes Adam Morgan, Executive Creative Director at Adobe, to discuss creative processes and the importance of strategy.

The episode begins with Adam discussing his hobby of rock climbing and the fear that comes with it. He draws a correlation to brands that constantly push creative boundaries. The more experience a brand has in pushing boundaries, he believes, the less scary a crazy idea will seem, ultimately allowing for more creative freedom.

Adam explains how he has always been drawn to the scientific aspect of creative patterns and analytics. He explains how his extensive research on this topic led him to write a book, Sorry Spock, Emotions Drive Business: Proving the Value of Creative Ideas with science.

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Adam is an expert in brand voice with many years of creative experience under his belt. He earned a Masters in marketing strategy in 2019 and has written many articles about strategy and the importance of personal strength.

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Towards the conclusion of the interview, Ian and Adam discuss the value of learning and how a constant thirst for knowledge propels career growth. Adam emphasized the need for creatives to push beyond designing to take on a bigger role in strategy.

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