The 3 Case Studies You Need to See Before Your Next Campaign

Programmatic Technology allows advertisers to reach consumers where they are and when they are there. This powerful and unique technology creates major impacts on consumers and campaigns. Take a look at there case studies to learn more about how to utilize programmatic in your next campaign!


Place Exchange partnered with Lamar to execute the RE/MAX March 2020 campaign. This campaign utilized M1 Data to determine the applicability and effectiveness for OOH targeting. OOH advertising is an area which has not historically leveraged M1 data in a comprehensive fashion. Through a controlled A/B test campaign conducted for RE/MAX, this breakthrough approach showed the successful impact of targeting M1 segments through OOH media.

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A well-known beauty retailer sought to generate awareness, consideration, and purchase intent for available skincare products, and drive visits to its store locations in New York and Los Angeles. An innovative out-of-home strategy leveraging data and programmatic technology was deployed for consumer engagement.

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Using the movement patterns of custom audience segments for “Michelob Ultra Purchasers” and “Michelob Ultra Competitive Buyers”, ads were placed across DOOH media to reach them where they were most likely to be throughout the day.

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