2022 Programmatic Football Networks | DOOH Coverage & Tips

Football season is on the horizon. With so many creative options, there’s no better time to start planning your Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaign.


From tailgating to watch parties, football fans are likely to purchase alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, grocery supplies and/or quick service restaurant items. With these same consumers on the road commuting to and from work everyday, the best way to reach them is with huge, unavoidable DOOH screens. According to a Nielsen OOH study, 81% of consumers say they notice messages on OOH ads.

The increased legality of sports betting in the US will generate even greater viewership this football season, with fans watching the live action at casino sportsbooks or participating in online betting via any number of apps and websites. With so many betting platforms available, sportsbooks can use DOOH to increase their brand recognition and website usage. 66% of consumers use their smartphones to search for more information, access a coupon, visit the advertiser’s website, or download an app in response to seeing OOH ads.

Football can be unpredictable. Lamar programmatic DOOH makes it easy to pivot campaigns as the season plays out by allowing fast changes to campaign locations, creative content, and flights. To make it even easier, Lamar has created two custom football networks that includes the most significant DOOH coverage for collegiate and professional football!

Please contact us to learn more and to get started using the Lamar 2022 NFL network!

Collegiate Football Network
Deal Name: Lamar_CollegiateFootball_2022
This network includes Lamar screens located within 15 miles of collegiate stadiums in the ACC, SEC, Big10, Big12, and PAC12, enabling any brand to effectively engage with fans as they travel to and around cities during football season.
Professional Football Network
Deal Name: Lamar_Nationwide_NFL2022
This network includes Lamar coverage within 15 miles of NFL stadiums to effectively engage with fans as they travel to and around the cities during football season.

Programmatic DOOH is a highly effective way to reach consumers and impact habits. Data-driven technology allows ads to be displayed when and where target audiences are most likely to be located. Advertisers also have full autonomy over the allocation of media budgets and can adjust spend across various media outlets to maximize budget efficiency and campaign effectiveness. To learn more about the effectiveness of programmatic DOOH, click here to check out our case studies!

To see more creative examples of advertisements that may benefit from Lamar’s programmatic football networks, take a look at the creatives below or click here to see a compilation of creatives that brilliantly made use of DOOH.