5 Campaigns That Stood Out in 2020

Hey 2021, glad you’re here! But before we kick this year into full gear, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite campaigns from 2020.

Bud Light Super Bowl

During the 2020 play-offs, Bud Light ran several hyper local campaigns to get city’s excited for the Super Bowl. This campaign is a favorite because it utilized the unique capabilities of digital OOH. This campaign stood out to consumers because it created a personal connection and positive connotation to Bud Light.

Visit Utah

Road trips became extremely popular summer of 2020 and Utah Tourism took advantage of this phenomenon. These beautiful boards would easily entice anyone looking for a road trip to choose Utah.

America’s Tire

America’s Tire was another advertiser who adapted to the new consumer patterns of 2020. With more people choosing personal transportation and more people choosing road trips, tires will be needed. This campaign used weather triggered technology to create a more personal and interesting experience for the consumer.

MSNBC Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debate

No debate here… this campaign was hit. From the bold and eye-catching creative to the easy-to-read messaging, this campaign achieved what every campaign strives for. This informational campaign was in no doubt memorable to consumers.


And finally, you can’t say 2020 without COVID. Delivery Services skyrocketed in popularity due to lock downs. This campaign was a heartwarming way to not only thank drives but also remind consumer to appreciate their services. Through the use of their hashtag, UPS seamlessly carried on this campaign through social media to create a more dynamic and impactful campaign.