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Ready to start your advertising campaign? Lamar’s Programmatic DOOH programs provide you with multiple buying options to help you reach your advertising goals and stand out from the competition. Reach out to Lamar’s programmatic team by emailing

Transaction Types

What ways are available to buy Lamar’s inventory?

  • PMP A curated pool of inventory for a tailored campaign with the highest priority
  • Always On / Evergreen Allows access to entire network of screens, buyers can apply targeting/audience strategy and deliver instantaneously
  • Open Exchange Allows access to target across multiple screen types and vendors

What are the auction types for Lamar’s Inventory?

  • Biddable
  • First Price
  • Fixed Price

What are the typical floor and clearing CPMs across Lamar venues?

  • Lamar’s inventory is broken down into 3 tiers of CPM floors: $5.00, $7.00, and $8.00, with PMPs starting at a $9.00 CPM.
  • The average clearing price varies based on market and current demand among other factors.
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